The present moment is severely damaged and in need of wide-ranging assessment. Capitalism has so devastated society that opposition remains fragmentary and incoherent. Wild flights from reality are to be expected in such moments of chaos and confusion. Sometimes this takes the form of crude stereotypes; sometimes of new cruelties or pathologies. We hope to sort through the wreckage, make some sense of these new oddities, and perhaps provide some glimpses of something better. There’s a whole world of possible thought out there, and we at Damage aim to seek it out.


Damage is the right magazine for this political moment—seeking to recover not only the power of theory, but also the ordinary decency and humanity central to the socialist project.”
Vivek Chibber, author of The Class Matrix and Confronting Capitalism

Damage is a magazine that represents a no compromise left attitude toward the pressing need for a political and theoretical synthesis of psychoanalysis and Marxism. Damage embodies the critical theory we need to overcome the reification and spectacularization of politics, art, thought and intersubjectivity.”
Catherine Liu, author of Virtue Hoarders: The Case Against the Professional Managerial Class

Damage is a rare publication that combines iconoclasm with earnest political commitment. It is filled with insight and provocation that is well worth your time.”
Bhaskar Sunkara, author of The Socialist Manifesto


  • Chris Crawford
  • Ben Fife
  • Benjamin Fong
  • Amber A'Lee Frost
  • Taylor Hines
  • George Hoare
  • Alex Hochuli
  • Anton Jäger
  • Scott Jenkins
  • Benjamin Koditschek
  • Sam Kriss
  • Catherine Liu
  • Christie Offenbacher
  • Fred Stafford
  • Amber Trotter
  • Drake Tyler


After five years operating only online, Damage has now launched a print magazine. The first issue, "Building Big Things," shipped Fall 2023. Paid subscribers will receive two issues a year.


We are currently welcoming submissions of 800-2000 words. If you are considering submitting an article, please familiarize yourself with the style and content of the magazine by reading published pieces. Please include a one sentence abstract at the top of your submission. Submissions should contain hyperlinks rather than footnotes, and should be formatted as doc, docx, or pdf. Contributors to Damage are paid a modest sum.

For queries, proposals or submissions, contact editors@damagemag.com.


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